Core Rules v2.1 - Released December 30, 2020

Feral Worlder (page 23): added + 1 step to Lore with a Specialization.

Flash Grenades (page 60): added Cost.

Smoke Grenade (page 61): clarified effects of smoke grenade.

Thermite Grenade (page 61): added Cost.

Needle Weapons (page 61): added Cost for toxins.

Cyberjack (page 72):  updated cyberjack to provide Tech (computer) +1.

Vehicle Advanced Actions (page 135): clarified all Vehicle Advanced Actions to work correctly with the Maintain Speed basic action.

Heavy Starfighter (page 147): corrected Alpha Blaster Cannon statistics.


Core Rules v2.0 - Released December 6, 2019
Digital update; clean and polish in preparation for print-on-demand release; moved ahead to 2.0 to align with print-on-demand release.

Vehicles: corrected Armor die and Durability on a number of vehicles.

Encumbrance: corrected encumbrance on a few adversaries.

Lizardfolk: adjusted armor.


Core Rules v1.7 - Released November 24, 2019
Digital update; clean and polish.

Slugthrowers (page 61): clarified the use of slugs in shotguns as follows: When firing slugs, a shotgun loses the Spread trait and the range modifier is x5.


Core Rules v1.6 - Released November 22, 2019
Digital update.

Armor Piercing (page 56): clarified AP as follows: The weapon reduces armor bonus and Structure by the noted amount and confers Disadvantage on the Armor die.

Laser Weapons (page 61): clarified overcharge as follows: Pistol, subgun, and rifle lasers may be overcharged to inflict Damage +1; this utilizes two charges of the weapon’s Capacity.

Futuristic Weapons: added Power Glaive (page 62), Sub Plasma (page 63), and Tac Rifle (page 64).

Mage Sight (page 80): changed mages & priests to DN 4 to make Mask Aura more useful.

Sense (page 82): changed psions to DN 4 to make Mind Cloak more useful.

Conjure (page 91): changed Barrier effect Durability to Spirit x2.

Barrier (page 115): changed Durability to Spirit x2.


Core Rules v1.5 - Released November 6, 2019
Initial digital release of Core Rules.