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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter V: Dog Daze Afternoon  


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10.13: The deal consummated in full, Ransom is in a deplorable state when he is awakened by the dog soldier at his door. He learns how dangerous adrenals are the hard way; one dose last night and he is addicted to Tranquility. Ready to conclude their business, Penumbra Vale urges him to action; with the dog soldier, they make for the hangar where she takes possession of the artifact, force lance, and cutter. Vale departs League Station Gamma in the cutter. Crashed, Ransom makes for Gamma Town hoping to score some street-grade tranquility. For the past few hours, the dog soldier has been plagued by strange music from the third millennium blaring over a comm channel used by his now long dead recon unit. Seeking to dispense street justice for a murdered prostitute, gang of thugs accost the dog soldier. As Fenris is being beaten with shock sticks, Ransom systematically shoots down thugs until two survivors try to flee. The dog soldier puts the arm on one who reveals a “werewolf” has been murdering gutter scum. Releasing the thug on Ransom’s order, Fenris locates the scene of last night’s murder while Ransom scores what he is after at the Roxy. Together, they follow a trail by blood and scent. The dog soldier recognizes the scent as one of his old pack mates from the recon unit; all were thought lost during the massacre at the Phoenix Lab on the Flotilla. The trail leads them deep into the sublevels beneath Gamma Town. The dog soldier is rewarded with a face full of neurotoxin when he activates a laser trip wire. Pushing on, they are ambushed by a band of chem-jacked freaks approaching a bridge across an effluvial trench. Gunning them down, they finally reach a massive utility chamber full of air processing towers. More chem-freaks and their leader are loading a cargo container onto a lift. They shoot down half a dozen on their level of the chamber and just manage catch the lift before it gets too far up. Using his rocket belt, Ransom kills a massive chem-brute with his heater and the dog soldier, while hanging off the lift with one hand, manages to get a hold of the leader and topple her off the lift falling to a bone crunching doom. Caged inside the crate, a dog soldier code-named Zevon, utterly corrupted by nanites, demands death. Fenris puts a sabot round through his head.

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