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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter X: Homecoming

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12.11: While the guncutter hides out of sight, Ransom, Horkos, and Fenris, now aided by Juuda Vonn, free their fallen companions from the ruin of the control bunker. Grievously wounded, they are all still alive. It takes hours to dig them out and carry them down to the sea cave where the Rakshasa waits. Ransom and Horkos return for the last of the wounded Grimfangs only to find that his throat has been cut. They are immediately ambushed by the remaining corsair’s of Whitemane’s bodyguard. The Reckoner cuts one down while Ransom uses the dead Grimfang as a meat shield taking fire. With time of the essence, Ransom flees lower into the sublevels and Horkos follows. They reach the Rakshasa, but before departing the sea cave, Ransom detects the guncutter waiting in ambush. Even with its shields back up, the cutter does not last long and is near cut in half by the Rakshasa’s lance plummeting into the sea. With a Jovian frigate and corvette closing in, Ransom plots an escape course that allows them to win free of Titan and make for the belt. Once on course, Ransom sets out to find the dog soldier who did not report to his turret during the ship-to-ship action. He finds him collapsed in what appears to be another nanite-induced coma.

12.18: In the belt and bound for Nemesis Station, having picked up their course, the JRS Sword of Damocles has two of its support vessels waiting in ambush for the Rakshasa, but Ransom outflies them without a shot being fired. Returning to the ancestral home of Clan Ransom, the Rakshasa lands at the fortress and all of the wounded are taken to the clan’s private infirmary. Later, Dash Ransom, Juuda Vonn, and Arden Horkos are summoned to attend Lady Domitia Ransom and her new confidant, the Lady Grimalda Ventru. Having turned House Ventru to Ransom’s cause, allowing for the election of Tripp Ransom as Executive Director, Lady Ventru is owed a debt. Her wiles overpowering any objection, she strikes a deal to have Ransom locate one of her agents on Terra who missed a check-in in return for the location of Kaulder Djinn and the SFS Imperator.

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