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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter XII: City by the Salt  

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12.26: Ransom, Horkos, and Fenris depart Fort Lake in the APC and enter the ruined city. Jumping the razor wing’s optical feed to his vambrace, Ransom is able to navigate around a band of wasters and they locate an abandoned crawler at the site of Marrakesh Jones’ last transmission. After bypassing the security panel, Ransom searches the crawler and finds and old map of Salt Lake City with a nearby location marked. Beneath the ruin of an old theater, they find a recently excavated tunnel that leads down into a massive cavern complex formed by a collapse caused by bombardment during the Orbital War. After killing a pack of slither dogs, they stalk through the subterranean ruin to an ancient building where a large gathering of morlocks is underway. The reckoner and dog soldier take up covering positions on the roof while Ransom walks boldly into the crowd of ravening mutants that appear to be preparing to tear Jones, who is lashed to a saltire, to pieces. Utterly shocked, the morlocks part allowing Ransom to approach their leader. The silver-tongued spacer somehow strikes a deal with the mutant king trading a plasma rifle and laser pistol for the prisoner’s release. After being jacked with NanoHeal, Jones reveals she was hunting for an ancient Janic scroll in the ruins of the Museum of Ancient History when she was captured. With morlocks lurking, Ransom and Jones search the museum while the reckoner and dog soldier stand watch. In the ancient rubble, Jones finds the scroll and they make for the world above.

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