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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter XIV: Tarnished Halo

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12.27: Extracted by Dancer and Sarah Quinn, Ransom, Fenris, Horkos, and Jones return to Halo Station to await the Rakshasa.

12.30: Searching for recruits, with the Reckoner along, Fenris prowls the dark under places of the station. They rescue a strange augmented brute named Solomon from a mob killing a number of the attackers. Speaking only through his companion, a little girl named Ivy, the dog soldiers decides to leave them behind.

12.31: After an expensive dinner on the way back to the hotel, an extraction team, led by a gorgon, attempts to take the dog soldier. A brutal hand-to-hand fight erupts across the concourse and the dog soldier takes a flechette coated with paralytic to the neck. Stalwart, along with the reckoner, they murder the attackers while Ransom defends the women.

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