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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter XV: Ghosts of the Past

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>>> The Year 3649 <<<
Chapter XV: Ghosts of the Past
01.01: Learning the Republic has implicated House Ransom in the murder of Taiko DeVries, Ransom asks Dancer to see if she can source any information on the enigmatic Martian. That day, the fixer organizes a meet at the Glass House to purchase a data-slice with information on DeVries. With the dog soldier and reckoner running security, Dancer makes contact while Ransom gets a table. To Ransom’s chagrin, the hacker is Etox Listanio. After showing Ransom a sample of the data-slice that contains video of Taiko DeVries making a deal on Neso, they strike a bargain. In return for the data-slice, the crew will run security for the hacker to infiltrate the illegal cyber clinic and search for data. Inconveniently, SecForce Captain, Lucille Blaylock, arrives secretly backed by a plain-clothes tactical team. The reckoner intercepts Blaylock as she approaches the table, but allows her pass after she flashes her badge. Investigating the bloodbath on the concourse, Blaylock’s interview with the indignant and uncooperative Ransom nets only frustration. After trying her luck with an equally uninformative Horkos, the captain orders he team to close in as she moves to question the dog soldier. Having moved away from the table to a bar, Eto decides a distraction is in order and lights up the liquor bottles behind the bar with a disruptor shot from under his coat. In the chaos that ensues, they all escape the Glass House melting away. An hour later, they regroup briefly at Rolands. Dancer manages to secure their luggage from the hotel and have it delivered to a private landing bay. Aboard Sarah Quinn’s flitter, they leave Halo Station in secret and make for Nexus City.

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