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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter XVIII: Hunting Wolves

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01.04: Two hours before midnight, while meditating in the library, Horkos receives a distressed comm from Faeoni in the med bay asking him to join her. The reckoner heads to the med bay where Faeoni reports she saw the dog soldier stalking the lower decks and that he did not seem himself. Frightened, she locked herself in the med bay. Intent on searching the lower decks, the reckoner starts at the dog soldier’s lair on the mechanical and air processing deck finding it locked. Attempting to sense the dog soldier’s presence, he is alerted at the last second before the dog soldier, lurking in the hatch leading to the cargo hold, leaps savagely upon him. A skilled combatant, Horkos manages to fend off the feral attack. Just as Ransom arrives, the reckoner traps the dog soldier in a psychic sphere. Unable to break free, the dog soldier collapses and is taken to the med bay and restrained.

01.05: The scalpel returns from the supply run to Luna. Having control of the transmit booster, the data sent back is altered to appear as if the Rakshasa is bound for League Station Gamma.

01.07: After almost three days in a coma, Fenris awakens altered by the nanites raging in his system; his jaws now made of meat and machine.

01.09: Stalking the space lanes between the belt and Mars, the Rakshasa locates a small convoy out of Pallas composed of two freighters, the UMC Derby and the OCV Bright Horizon, guarded by a Martian frigate, the RMS Hastam. While the cloaked yacht remains at extreme range, the scalpel, also using a cloaking array, conducts a high burn maneuver and manages to avoid detection closing on the frigate. They clamp to the hull of the Martian warship not far behind the bridge and use the breaching airlock to gain access to the frigate. Wasting no time, along with the grimfangs, they storm the bridge. The dog soldier shoots down the two legionnaires standing guard outside the bridge, Etox bypasses the door, and Horkos charges inside sword in hand. As the reckoner murders the closest member of the bridge crew, Etox tosses a shredder bomb onto the bridge killing three more. Within moments, the bridge crew is dead.

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