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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter XVII: I am Rakshasa

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01.02: After requesting clearance to approach and resupply at high anchor, the UMC Rakshasa is stopped by the SecForce Destroyer NEX Anton Barboro and searched by a boarding party led by Captain Blaylock who delivers a summary of charges against everyone involved in the New Year’s Eve incident on Halo Station. After being released, the Rakshasa docks at high anchor and rendezvous with the resupply ship allowing the smuggled members of the command crew to return to the yacht. Ransom orders Zoe and Eto to search the ship for surveillance devices. There is immediate tension between the two, but it is Eto who finds the transmit booster wired to the comm array and removes it; they find a dozen micro disks in all. Ransom has Eto reprogram the transmit booster so they can control what it transmits. Ransom and Eto strike a deal to share data regarding the Foundation Conspiracy and the slicer sets to decrypting the spoils of their hack of the illegal cyber clinic in Christ Town. A master of his craft, Eto manages to break the epsilon-class encryption in under twelve hours. That night, Ransom summons the crew to the saloon and distributes the shares of prize money from the deal he struck with Penumbra Vale after the capture of the Rising Dawn. During his speech, he rallies and unifies the crew.

01.03: The scalpel is dispatched on a supply run to Luna and Eto delivers the data from the clinic hack to Ransom as promised.

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