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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter I: Deals Get Done

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01.13: Having arrived on Nemesis Station the night before, Ransom, Horkos, and Dancer deliver Marrakesh Jones and the Jainic scroll to Lady Ventru. In return, she provides Prince Kaulder Djinn’s location; 65489 Ceto, an asteroid located 181 AU from Nemesis Station in interstellar space beyond the heliosphere. Later that morning, Vega and the dog soldier make their way to Embargo; a dank spacer bar near the warehouse district. Looking to recruit a Jovian named Lynch; they find him passed out at a corner table along with a Noctis named Qway. They arrive just as a group of thugs move in on the Moreau. At the reckoner’s request, Ransom leads Horkos to the Embargo looking for a telepath. The brawl is well underway by the time they arrive. When the reckoner joins the fray, the few thugs still standing lose heart and flee. As Vega and Fenris recruit the bleary Jovian, Horkos makes contact with a Venusian telepath named Zahara; she agrees to meet him later at House Ransom to bind the focus he acquired from the fallen prophet.

01.14: Etox brings the second data slice he acquired from the Triton hack to Ransom. It contains Ministry of Security files on numerous Neptunian corporations. Ransom brokers a deal with Lady Ransom on behalf of the hacker netting a payout of 2.5 million standards.

01.17: With repairs of the scalpel complete, the UMC Rakshasa departs Nemesis Station for interstellar space.

02.02: After a fight breaks out between Kilgore and Lynch, Vega calls for a Grav Ball match so the crew can blow off steam. The dog soldier scores the final goal of the third period securing the win for Team Vega.

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