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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter V: Blood Price

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02.14: After unloading the prince and reckoner from the sled, Ransom summons the Rakshasa and dispatches Etox to open the airlock before striking out with the dog soldier to recover the fallen Grimfangs. The Plutonian reaches the airlock control room, bypasses the door, murders the technicians, and jacks into the network. Evading constant fire from gun emplacements in the walls of the tunnel, Ransom sweeps the junk field at the bottom marking the locations of the fallen. Etox hacks the system and opens the airlock; on Ransom’s order, he plants a daemon that will open the doors and drop the screen thirty minutes after the Rakshasa exits Heaven’s Gate. While standing over the traitorous Kilgore’s corpse, Ransom and Fenris are attacked by chem-jacks; they systematically gun them down. Just as Etox finishes coding the daemon, at the last moment, he looks over his shoulder as a daemon, of the juiced variety, and a team of chem-jacks cracks into the control room. Avoiding heavy fire, he tosses a breacher bomb into the hall killing most of them. The daemon somehow evades the carnage diving into the control room and they dance deadly until she is gunned down by disruptor fire. Cloaked, the Rakshasa arrives at the airlock and destroys all of the gun emplacements with firing solutions on their position. The sled returns and offloads half of the fallen before streaking back to reclaim the rest; moments later, the Rakshasa follows. Gunning down a trio of Talon AttackCycles, all of the fallen Grimfangs are recovered except for Lieutenant Decima VanDrak. The internal defense guns blaze off the Rakshasa’s shields as she runs free of Heaven’s Gate starting the daemon’s timer. Flying low across the surface of rock and ice, now under fire from the external gun emplacements, the Rakshasa deploys Ransom, Fenris, Etox and a Grimfang from second squad to recover the ship’s AttackCycles. Facing no opposition, they reach the bikes and streak towards the scalpel that is crawling with chem-jacks. As Ransom and Etox open fire, the dog soldier makes a low altitude attack run screaming through the chem-jacks drawing all of their fire. His raptor riddled with bullets and on fire, Fenris careens out of control towards a spire of rock and ice. Somehow, the Plutonian streaks after him matching his course allowing the dog soldier to jump free before the raptor crashes in a ball of fire. Driving off the chem-jacks, they recover the scalpel as the Rakshasa arrives. With the bikes and crew onboard, the Rakshasa and scalpel make away from Heaven’s Gate, but as the Rakshasa continues away, Ransom, in the scalpel, circles the rock like a bird of prey. In firing position when the daemon opens the airlock and drops the screen, Ransom fires a torpedo rigged for area detonation into the station’s power core causing a catastrophic chain reaction that destroys the station.

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