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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter VI: Kings & Queens

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02.16: Still critically wounded, Horkos delivers a powerful memorial as the fallen Rakshasa are committed to the void.

03.12: After Etox injects a comm-jumper into WorldNet allowing Ransom to send highly encrypted comms, the Rakshasa rendezvous with the SFS Serpentes in the orbital path of Neptune bringing Salacious Jayne, her bodyguard, and Juuda Vonn aboard.

3.22: Approaching the second rendezvous, secretly an agent of the Temple, Zoe Ransom draws the Rakshasa in to a deadly trap laid by the UTM Ardenti Crusis, UTM Manus Christi, and UTM Christus Ultionem. With the shields and engines down and a plutonian daemon locking out the system their fate seems sealed. Etox races to the core and manages to bypass the lockout, but as the systems come online, the crew is only able to destroy some of the inbound torpedoes; the shields take the brunt, but two torpedoes slam into the hull after they fail. Ransom reaches the scalpel just as they strike finding it gone and fully realizing the extent of Zoe’s treachery. With the three Temple warships closing, Blackmoon’s Rhapsody begins blaring across all broad-beam comm channels as the Venusian destroyer Rising Dawn de-cloaks and hammers the Crusis with a massive broadside salvo. Caught utterly by surprise the Templar destroyer explodes in the void after taking a second broadside. Fleeing aboard the scalpel bound for the Crusis, Zoe Ransom is consumed in the conflagration. Badly damaged, but still deadly, the Rakshasa engages the Ultionem while the Rising Dawn brings heavy fire down on the Christi. When the Chisti is destroyed, the Ultionem tries to withdraw, but is crippled. Without mercy, the Rising Dawn launches a full barrage of torpedoes at the crippled corvette destroying it along with all hands. In the aftermath, Penumbra Vale and what was once the Princess Morrigan Ui’ Ardi-Morr come aboard. A rare vessel, the crew learns that her consciousness has been merged with that of the ancient progenitor of the WarMind, Blackmoon. She also reveals that the Jainia scroll they recovered from Terra provided a ritual allowing her to survive the rebirth without going utterly mad. Finally, she also divulges that the Lady Ventru has all along been the Black Queen in disguise. Her agents discovered the Templar plot to destroy the Rakshasa by treachery.

03.27: At the far reaches of Jovian space, the Rakshasa rendezvous with a flotilla led by the JRS Sword of Damocles. Accompanied by an entourage, Ransom goes before Aegis VI, King of Europa, and wins Saturn’s freedom in return for Kaulder Djinn.

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