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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter VII: Cracks in the Foundation

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04.01: The UMC Rakshasa arrives at Count Faroh’s fortress in Changtown.

04.06: Following a lead generated by Etox’s search algorithms, Ransom, Etox, Horkos, and Fenris confront a corsair, Trace Briga, who once served as a broker for Taiko DeVries, at the Privateer in Xandrium. Faced by the Plutonian’s guns, she reveals a deal she made for DeVries shortly before his assassination; the purchase of an estate on 1131 Porzia in the belt.

04.07: The Rakshasa departs Titan bound for the belt; Vega Vonn remains behind with her father to see to the rebuilding of the Free State.

04.14: As the Rakshasa approaches 1131 Porzia, a comm is received with an approach vector to the mansion built into the rock. After disembarking, Ransom, Etox, Horkos, and Fenris encounter a hologram of Taiko DeVries and then the, not quite dead, Martian himself. The fixer and former Interim Director of the Combine strikes bargain with Ransom to secure asylum for himself and destroy the
Praeventores Foundation.

04.19: The Rakshasa arrives at League Station Alpha where Ransom deposits a data package with the Warehouse that contains a back-channel wyrm allowing Etox to hack into the system from a nearby safe house and recover Devries’ data files on his activities for the Foundation.

05.01: The Rakshasa arrives at League Station Gamma where they make contact to cash in on the Agency warrant for the dog soldier. Drawing out Leon Anaxander, Etox guns him down and, after murdering his men, they make off with the Jovian’s guncutter.

05.07: On Dash Ransom’s seventeenth birthday, the Rakshasa arrives on Kharon and is escorted to the Acheron Industrial Forge where they meet with Etox’s father, Viktor Listanio. In exchange for the data files that document the Foundation’s illegal and murderous experiments throughout the system, Taiko DeVries is granted asylum in the Technocracy.

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