Core Rules v3.1 - Released October 13, 2022
Digital & POD Update. POD will be temporarily unavailable during submission and proof process.

Knowledge Skill Synergy (page 26): clarified that the Specialization is required to gain synergy.

Shaping (page 31): increased Destiny cost from 10 to 25.

Statistic Damage Move Reduction (page 43): changed Move reduction per step from 5 to 2.

Ammunition & Damage Type (page 54): under Capacity, clarified that a weapon confers Damage Type to ammunition.

Gadget Design & Construction Time (page 76): changed time for Intellect or Fortitude d12 from minutes to one turn.

Command Spirit (page 80): changed mages ability to control spirits from spheres and schools they do not posses.

Rune-marked (frost) Ammunition (page 88): changed effect from Shaken to Hindered.

Mask Aura & Minor Phantasm (page 90): reduced Actions from 4 to 2.

Necromancy & Morality (page 97): added Morality check on use of necromantic powers.

Mend Flesh & Raise Dead (page 98): added Ink of Death requirement to rituals.

Hammer of Judgement (page 104): changed "priest's enemies" to "opponent's allies".

Mounts (page 129): changed riders in a group from two-thirds to one-third to gain mounts overland speed.

Dragon Breath Weapon (page 166 & 167): added Toughness check as a Free Action to use again; changed frost effect from Shaken to Hindered; and adjusted all cone ranges.

Goblin (page 174): dropped Streetwise.

Ruining a Horse (page 178): added reduction in horse quality on Critical Failure.

Blood Drain (page 204): changed from Toughness to Endurance.

Vampirism (page 204): added Time Period is equal to Endurance in days.


Core Rules v3.0 - Released November 14, 2021
Digital & POD Update. POD will be temporarily unavailable during submission and proof process.

Check Guidelines (page 25): added Sanity increase check on a successful resistance check.

Overcharge (page 33): changed to double the number of actions.

Kill Shot (page 35): clarified ranged attack.

Might (page 35): added Soak.

Healing Check (page 44): Reduced days on Healing table so that wounded characters check more often.

Healing Salve (page 44): changed to one treatment every five days.

Damage Resistance (page 44): changed Type II damage from "elemental" to "runic" and adjusted all entries.

Ranged Weapons in Melee (page 55): clarified that "the chaos or armed combat" provides actual cover; this allows Crack Shot to apply.

Flamer (page 56): clarified cover.

Spread (page 57): clarified the attack at long range is made without Disadvantage.

Range & Duration Steps (page 78): removed minutes and added months on the table; any powers using minutes were adjusted to either turns or hours.

Strikes (page 86 and others): all strikes had Actions reduced to 1 including: Elemental Strike, Witch Bolt, Eldritch Blast, Hell Fire, Transmogrify, Radiant Blast, Bane, and Bio-lightening.

Rune-marked Armor (page 95): changed Holy (life) to Endurance +1

Infernal Flame (page 98): added daemons.

Breaking Things & Escape (page 120): complete overhaul.

Hell Hound (page 164): changed Damage Resistance from arcane to runic.


Core Rules v2.6 - Released January 31, 2021
Digital Update.

Etiquette (page 28): modified Etiquette to provide synergy to Persuasion like a knowledge skill.

Lore (page 29): added animal, monastic, and plant specializations.

Suppresive Fire (page 54): clarified that the loss of attack when suppressed applies to the victims next initiative.

Stealth Suit (page 75): clarified movement restriction to Move 5; this allows the wearer charge 10 yards or run 15 yards and still gain the benefits of the stealth suit.

Projectile & Hurl Object (page 114): clarified damage; like any ranged attack the damage check uses the linked statistics, Fortitude in this case, plus the stated damage die.

Light Starfighter (page 147): Light Armor Plating was missing from upgrades.

Starfighter (page 147): corrected Rocket Launcher Battery firing arc.


Core Rules v2.5 - Released October 1, 2020
Digital & POD Update. POD will be temporarily unavailable during submission and proof process.

Specialization (page 26): clarified specializations.

Persuasion (page 29): added the Orate specialization.

Navigate (page 29): changed Space specialization to Stellar.

Scholar (page 30): added the Law and Trade specializations.

Survival (page 30): changed Zero-G specialization to Space.

Unholy Aura (page 31): corrected Destiny cost.

Off-hand Weapon (page 40): clarified off-hand weapon and off-hand parry.

Shields (page 50): clarified that bonus adds to Defense using Fight.

Futuristic Hammers (page 62): corrected Two-handed damage of shock hammer; added power hammer.

Cyber (page 71): clarified Cyber rating and Spirit reduction.

Intrusion Packages (page 73): clarified Intrusion Package usage.

Hand Sensor (page 74): added Search to hand sensor.

Critical Success (page 78): clarified standard and additional Critical Success options when using powers.

Conjure (page 91): removed option to force past barrier.

Shape Shift (page 100): corrected ritual to Advantage/Basic.

Barrier (page 115): removed option to force past Barrier.

Bodyguard (page 160): changed weapon to heavy SMG.

Robots & Drones (page 190): audited all Robots & Drones using Character calculator.

Space Dog (page 194): corrected blade damage.

Primer: Supers (page 213): added Construct as a major trait.

Fireball (page 213): added Exotic Skill (fire bomb) to talents.


Core Rules v2.4 - Released July 2, 2020
Digital Update.

Fate Awards (page 14): clarified encounter types in the last paragraph of the sidebar.

Improved Assault (page 32): clarified how the talent operates with ranged and melee attacks.

Delay (Conditional) - (page 40): changed "until later" to "next initiative rank" extending the delay until the next time the character has initiative.

Heavy WarBot (page 191): removed Focused Fire and added Integrated Hand Sensor.

Super Human Abilities (page 212): changed powers so they remain activated until the character is Devastated, not Shaken.


Core Rules v2.3 - Released May 1, 2020
Digital Update.

Knowledge Skills (page 36): clarified skill synergy.

Balanced & Unbalanced (page 56 & 57): clarified the weapon traits apply to melee Defense using Fight.

Ammunition (page 74): clarified that ammo Tech level is the same as the weapon.

Vehicle Weapon Range (page 144 & 145): corrected the Pulse Laser Cannon Array range of Battleship, Cruiser, and Dreadnought.

Heavy Starfighter Weapons (page 147): corrected/replaced Alpha Blaster Cannon with Heat Cannon Battery.

Destroyer (page 148): corrected vehicle compliment.

Frigate (page 149): corrected the Pulse Laser Cannon Array damage.

Vehicle Operating Cost (page 149 & 150): corrected the Operating Cost of Frigate, Star Liner, and Yacht.

Orc Warrior (page 188): corrected Toughness.


Core Rules v2.2 - Released March 1, 2020
Clean and polish in conjunction with update of print-on-demand file. POD will be temporarily unavailable during submission and proof process.

Elusive (page 34): added Elusive may not be used while Prone or grappled.

Exposure Damage (page 43): changed Exposure table such that Time Period is represented in Endurance.

Wealth Check (page 46): changed Cost threshold from half to passive Wealth.

Crushing (page 56): clarified that Crushing applies to Structure as well as armor greater than +2.

Slicing (page 57): clarified that Slicing applies to Structure as well as Heavy Armor.

Archaic Price List (page 68): removed duplicate entries for water clock and writing tools; added tinderbox and whetstone.

Revenant (page 202): corrected Ranged Defense.

Gatling Gun (page 211): added price.

Fireball (page 213): corrected Athletics & Move; added HW to Nuclear Punch.


Core Rules v2.1 - Released January 30, 2020
Digital Update.

Feral Worlder (page 23): added + 1 step to Lore with a Specialization.

Flash Grenades (page 60): added Cost.

Smoke Grenade (page 61): clarified effects of smoke grenade.

Thermite Grenade (page 61): added Cost.

Needle Weapons (page 61): added Cost for toxins.

Cyberjack (page 72):  updated cyberjack to provide Tech (computer) +1.

Vehicle Advanced Actions (page 135): clarified all Vehicle Advanced Actions to work correctly with the Maintain Speed basic action.

Heavy Starfighter (page 147): corrected Alpha Blaster Cannon statistics.


Core Rules v2.0 - Released December 6, 2019
Digital update; clean and polish in preparation for print-on-demand release; moved ahead to 2.0 to align with print-on-demand release.

Vehicles: corrected Armor die and Durability on a number of vehicles.

Encumbrance: corrected encumbrance on a few adversaries.

Lizardfolk: adjusted armor.


Core Rules v1.7 - Released November 24, 2019
Digital update; clean and polish.

Slugthrowers (page 61): clarified the use of slugs in shotguns as follows: When firing slugs, a shotgun loses the Spread trait and the range modifier is x5.


Core Rules v1.6 - Released November 22, 2019
Digital update.

Armor Piercing (page 56): clarified AP as follows: The weapon reduces armor bonus and Structure by the noted amount and confers Disadvantage on the Armor die.

Laser Weapons (page 61): clarified overcharge as follows: Pistol, subgun, and rifle lasers may be overcharged to inflict Damage +1; this utilizes two charges of the weapon’s Capacity.

Futuristic Weapons: added Power Glaive (page 62), Sub Plasma (page 63), and Tac Rifle (page 64).

Mage Sight (page 80): changed mages & priests to DN 4 to make Mask Aura more useful.

Sense (page 82): changed psions to DN 4 to make Mind Cloak more useful.

Conjure (page 91): changed Barrier effect Durability to Spirit x2.

Barrier (page 115): changed Durability to Spirit x2.


Core Rules v1.5 - Released November 6, 2019
Initial digital release of Core Rules.