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Character Sheets
Below are the character sheets for the Adventure System.  As the Gazetteers are published, additional setting specific character sheets will be added.

Character Sheet - Wealth System (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Wealth System (Black & White)

Character Sheet - Silver System (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Silver System (Black & White)

Character Sheet - Cyber (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Cyber (Black & White)

Character Sheet - Supers (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Supers - (Black & White)

Character Sheet - Outland (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Outland - (Black & White)

Urban Shaman
Here is the Urban Shaman sample character from the Archetypes section of the Core Rules advanced through ten game sessions (+100 Destiny).

Works of Fiction
Below are fictional works submitted for inspirational reading.

This work appears the the beginning of the Outland - Adventure System Gazeteer taking place in that campaign setting. The characters Arden Horkos (the Reckoner), Etox Listanio (the Plutonian), Fenris One (the dog soldier), and Dash Ransom (the Captain) were created by Michael Leone, Drew Cavanaugh, Mark Huntington, and Jay Fugiel,  respectively.

Walk in the Park
This work appears the the beginning of the Core Rules and takes place in the Forever War campaign setting. The characters Jester Gaunt and Ezekiel Harrow were created by Jay Fugiel and Michael Leone,  respectively.

An Adventure System extra is a brief supplement that contains additional content that was either too setting specific for the Core Rules or is slated for inclusion in a gazetteer.

A Fist Full of Silver
Primarily designed for use in a mythical setting providing an overview of how characters earn a living in an archaic world using the silver system. It includes life as a bard, thieving, an expanded loot system, and four elder materials that can be used when creating mastercraft weapons. This content was developed for the Iron Lands - Adventure System Gazetteer. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

The extra presents rules specific to a supers campaign that either modify, replace, or supplement those provided in the Adventure System and the Primer: Supers appendix. The extra includes a brief campaign setup, the Prometheus Legacy, and over two dozen fully developed and illustrated heroes and villains. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

An Adventure System primer is a two-page campaign starter like those included in the Core Rules. They are designed to provide you with a baseline for creating a customized campaign that is not fully covered in the Adventure System.

Black Powder
The primer provides a starting point for a setting that uses black powder weapons ranging from 15th century Europe up through the American Civil War. Alternatively, it can be incorporated into a mythical setting if the referee wants to make firearms available in the campaign. The primer includes a price list, black powder weapons, cannon, and rules for duels. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

Network Combat
The primer provides supplemental material that expands upon the hacking rules provided in Chapter 11: Adventuring in the Adventure System. It is designed to add more depth and options for hackers including upgrades for cyber slates and programs that can be used during the intrusion attempt. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

The primer provides a method for small unit military action. It details how to resolve the action using a Battle check for the entire unit and how to handle casualties and morale. The skirmish rules can be extended to handle larger battles in place of the narrative system provided in Chapter 13: Referee’s Guide in the Adventure System. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

Spirit Engine
The primer provides a method for traveling between the stars in a setting that blends magic and technology. It details the use of a Spirit Engine, also called an Aetheric Drive, that allows a mage to extend their ability to Spirit Walk to their vessel navigating the aetheric currents until it reaches its destination and returns to mundane space. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

The primer provides supplemental material that expands upon the information regarding vampires in  Chapter 14: Allies & Adversaries in the Adventure System. It is focused on allowing you to create a character or have an existing character that is afflicted by vampirism in your campaigns including how the character advances and becomes more powerful as a vampire. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

Below are utilities we have created to assist in running your Adventure System campaign.

Character Calculator
Here is an Excel spreadsheet for creating characters, adversaries, and supers. While we believe that creating characters in the Adventure System is quite straightforward, an assist with the math just makes things easier.

Core Rules - Change Log
You will find the Core Rules version history here.

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