Gazetteers are fully developed campaign settings using the Adventure System rules. The three gazetteers that are mentioned in core rules are described in more detail below.

Set in the year 3648, humanity has spread throughout the Sol system in the wake of Martian genetic engineering and terraforming. An eon has passed since the Great Solar War and new powers have risen to shape the fate of the Outland.

Outland is available now on DriveThruRPG and more information is available here.

The Forever War and Iron Lands are currently under development.

Forever War
An alternate history setting where World War II never ended and magic is real. Creatures fey and infernal live among us hidden by the veil that clouds the minds of those who simply don't want to see the truth.

Iron Lands
A traditional fantasy setting built atop the ashes of the fallen empire of the golem-kings whose hubris led to their destruction. The elven nation has been broken and man has spread across the Lands, but the flow of iron still rules. The setting includes sub races of dragonkin, dwarves, and elves. For example, you can play as an ash, ice, moon, sun, or wood elf.

Iron Lands - Campaign Map
This is the working copy of the Iron Lands campaign map.

Now Available on DriveThruRPG

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