The year is 3648 and humanity has spread throughout the Sol System from the shattered remains of Terra. Over a thousand years, Martian terraforming and genetic engineering has reshaped humankind and the worlds they inhabit forging cultures and races that no longer feel any heritage with their forebears from Terra.

OutlandThe Solarian Accord and Orbital Consortium watch warily as tensions continue to rise between the Venusian  Empire and Martian Republic over the recent uprising at the Noach Desert Relocation Facility. Some reports indicate that the uprising was a cover to justify the execution of the psychically gifted citizens housed there as a reprisal for the terrorist attacks by the Madhatter's Guild against the Martian delegation on Triton. In the outer system, the Jovian blockade of the Free State of Saturn continues as they try to choke out the remaining resistance after their punitive incursion late in 3647. Having cut off the water supply to the resistance controlled sections of the  Flotilla, it is only  a matter of time. In the Outer Reaches, the Blind Seers of Orcus are silent, the bloody-minded Red Sisters of Dysnomia  sharpen their knives, and all the while, the Technocracy watches and waits...

Outland is the first Gazetteer released for the Adventure System. Set in our solar system, Outland presents a fantastic vision of our future that is far from hard science fiction.

The gazetteer includes:

  • 12 archetypes
  • 15+ playable races
  • 10+ new talents
  • 12+ system-wide organizations
  • 10+ fully detailed planetary systems from Mercury to Pluto
  • New equipment, armor, weapons, robots, and vehicles
  • New Mentalism powers by way of the WarMind
  • More adversaries

The Outland  - Adventure System Gazetteer is a supplement and requires the Adventure System core rules to play.

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