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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter IV: On a Razor's Edge

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02.14: The dog soldier shoots one of the arbiters causing it to crash into the side of the maglev and plummet out of sight while Ransom sweeps around on the sled tearing Kilgore to pieces with the assault cannon before he reaches the barge. The reckoner leaps to the sled as it passes by searching for the prince. The dog soldier blasts a hole in the top of the first car and drops down inside only to be followed by the remaining arbiter. Etox holds his ground atop the third car loosing a hail of disruptor fire at a daemon and a pair of brutes. After a brutal close quarters fight, the dog soldier takes down the arbiter and then proceeds forward commandeering the maglev and forcing it to stop. Ransom detects the prince under cover at the back of the maglev and sweeps the sled around allowing Horkos to drop down and engage. Etox clears the top of the third car and Ransom brings fire onto the barge. Hard fought, the reckoner finally gets the better of Djinn and hacks off his sword arm at the elbow. Grievously wounded the prince rockets off the platform at the back of the maglev and tries to reach the barge, but loses control streaking towards its armored bow. Ransom leaps off the sled and slams into the prince somehow changing his trajectory causing them both to crash down onto the barge’s command deck, which is engulfed in flames after being riddled with assault cannon fire. The dog soldier returns to the top of the maglev securing a rocket belt for Etox before bringing his pulse laser cannon to bear and firing on the barge. With Ransom paralyzed with fear from the fire, the alchemist closes down on him only to be intercepted by the reckoner who leaps across to the barge’s command deck. The reckoner murders the alchemist as Ransom recovers himself and stabilizes the prince’s wounds. Meanwhile, Etox rockets over the barge and starts shooting up the control deck killing the helmsman. As chem-jacks close in on Etox, Horkos jumps down to come to his aid, but is gunned down. Ransom rockets back to the sled and then returns to the barge securing the prince. Etox shoots down the chem-jacks and Ransom orders him to take control of the sled as the barge slowing lurches to port and begins losing altitude. Instead, the Plutonian somehow summons the strength to drag the fallen reckoner to the sled where Ransom helps him pull Horkos onboard. Sweeping past the maglev, they pick up the dog soldier and fly towards the main airlock as the barge crashes to the tunnel floor exploding. Under heavy fire, they reach the airlock and land on a small pad near the airlock control room.

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