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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 1: Welcome to Pax'Rora

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Day 59: While the others are taken by carriage to wait at the Sepulcher in the Undercroft, Never is escorted by Syrr Sai to the promised audience with the Pale Lady where he confesses to causing the rift. Joined by Frederick Faust, Never is presented with schematics for an energy transference system that is not efficiently delivering through the resonant manifold to the battery capacitors. His genius apparent, he quickly marks up the schematic increasing the system’s efficiency many fold. Armed with the technomancer’s work, Faust departs urgently. Meanwhile, with the Iron Guard fleet approaching, Pax’Rora moves steadily towards the rift lashed by a raging elemental storm. Lightening courses over the citadel and strikes Never down with malice just for him. Tik, a goblin girl who drives in the citadel’s livery, delivers the senseless Never to his companions at the Sepulcher. After the aristocrat recovers and some debate, Tik drives them to an abandoned dark manor where they are to take up residence until summoned. Finding their way to manor’s carriage house Whitechapel and Nai dispatch a twisted spider lurking there. Wasting no time, Never takes to a dark tunnel where he encounters and shoots down a gangrel. When he reaches the manor’s basement and then lower level, he is attacked by another gangrel and fights for his life until Whitechapel and Nai arrive dispatching it and those that follow

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