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Character Sheets
Below are the character sheets for the Adventure System.  As the Gazetteers are published, additional setting specific character sheets will be added.

Character Sheet - Wealth System (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Wealth System (Black & White)

Character Sheet - Silver System (Full Color)

Character Sheet - Silver System (Black & White)

Urban Shaman
Here is the Urban Shaman sample character from the Archetypes section of the Core Rules advanced through ten game sessions (+100 Destiny).

Works of Fiction
Below are fictional works submitted for inspirational reading.

Walk in the Park
This work appears the the beginning of the Core Rules and takes place in the Forever War campaign setting. The characters Jester Gaunt and Ezekiel Harrow were created by Jay Fugiel and Michael Leone,  respectively.

An Adventure System extra is a brief supplement that contains additional content that was either too setting specific for the Core Rules or is slated for inclusion in a gazetteer.

A Fist Full of Silver
Primarily designed for use in a mythical setting providing an overview of how characters earn a living in an archaic world using the silver system. It includes life as a bard, thieving, and an expanded loot system. This content was developed for the Iron Lands -Adventure System Gazetteer. Currently available on DriveThruRPG.

Core Rules
- Change Log

You will find the Core Rules version history here.

Now Available on DriveThruRPG

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