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Book V: A Tale of Two Vessels - Chapter XVI: Dreads and the Fugitive Mind

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01.01: Landing at an Orbital Transfer Station in EZ11, Ransom, Eto, Fenris, and Horkos are picked up by a Terran named Harley who flies them to Christ Town putting down a half kilometer from the illegal cyber clinic. The dog soldier and reckoner scout ahead and take to the rooftops avoiding a gang on Dread Walkers in the street. Approaching the alley where the clinic lies from above, they are spotted by a juicier and half a dozen razors directly guarding the clinic. The reckoner murders the juicer as the dog soldier engages one of the razors. As the reckoner carves a path through the rest of them, Ransom and Eto arrive up above. Dropping from above using his rocket belt, Ransom secures the alley while Eto takes the stairs. As Dread Walkers from the street close in, the dog soldier and reckoner hold the alley while Ransom and Eto breach the clinic after the spacer bypasses the clinic door. Ransom finds a hidden safe while Eto hacks the clinic’s computer system finding only patient files. Sweeping with his hand sensor, Ransom locates a high-end, well-concealed security door in the back of the clinic. Bypassing the intervening doors, Ransom and Eto reach Hector von Eris’ secret lab where Eto hacks into the system and downloads the doctor’s encrypted data files. With the dog soldier and reckoner still in control of the alley holding the Dread Walkers at bay, the ops ascend to the roof and make their way back to Harley’s SkyVan. Piling onboard, she takes the ops to spaceport at the foot of the Prometheus Space Elevator in SoAm where the ops are smuggled aboard a resupply ship permitted to rendezvous with the UMC Rakshasa at high anchor.

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