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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 8: A Navigator's Due

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Day 154: Just after midnight, Never teleports into the Court of the Pale Lady. He strikes a bargain, if he builds a bio-sphere around Pax’Rora, the Siren is theirs. Escorted out by Syrr Sai, Never is hurled out of an embarkation bay; she is curious to see how this technomancy works. He manages to teleport to the Glim where he seeks out Mharro Zhi. After a leisurely dalliance with the talismonger, a carriage brings Never back to the dark manor.

Day 155: Rousted by Syrr Sai, Nai is charged to immediately take to the Siren and lead Pax’Rora from the Maelstrom. Along with the hobs, Never, Whitechapel, and Nai board the Siren and take to the aether.

Day 159: Led by the Siren under Xender Nai’s hand, Pax’Rora emerges from the Maelstrom and the Siren returns to the manor only to find it strangely silent and dark against the storm.

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