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Core Rules Update & Blog  


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06/11/2019 8:44 am  


The past few weeks have been the final push to get the  Core Rules prepared for launch and I am pleased to announce that they are ready to go! Version 1.5 has been optimized and submitted to DriveThruRPG for approval.  The wait, sadly, can be from one to five days before the product goes live.

In the interim, I penned our fist blog article on the History & Design of the Adventure System. We are looking for contributors for the blog, so if you have any topics in mind, please reach out to me directly at Any topics on role-playing or game mastering would be welcome. They do not need to be Adventure System specific, just system agnostic. I hope to have the blog become a resource for gamers sharing their experiences and ideas.


We'll let you know as soon as the Core Rules go live!

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