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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter II: Knocking on Heaven's Gate

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02.10: Beyond the heliosphere, four days from 65489 Ceto, Ransom receives a judgment from the Interplanetary Prize Court denying the prize claim he filed for rescuing the UMC Derby and OCV Bright Horizon. The denial claims the vessels were not within 500,000 kilometers of the engagement with the RMS Hastam. Expecting to provide evidence to the contrary, Ransom checks the Rakshasa’s navigation and comm logs only to find a gap in both systems at the time of the engagement. Engaged to investigate, closely watched by the dog soldier, Etox discovers that a full 48 hours from 01.08 to 01.10 was wiped from the systems at 2000 hours on 01.19 using the technician’s system code. The code’s iDent was wiped, but Etox is able to trace it back to confirm Specialist Carter’s code was used. After questioning Carter and a number of the crew, Ransom has Carter locked up.

02.14: The Rakshasa approaches 65489 Ceto undetected using the cloaking array. Infiltrating in two teams, the Wyld Hunt is dropped off by the Rakshasa and approaches an external forge of the Heaven’s Gate station where they bypass an airlock and enter the station. Led by Ransom, the second team of Grimfangs lands using the scalpel and approaches on foot. By the time they arrive, the Wyld Hunt, led by Fenris, has infiltrated the forge unseen and secured the corridor beyond the forge. At the head of the second team, the reckoner drops down into the forge surprising the tatterdemalion technicians running the forge and stands them down

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