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Book VI: Endgame - Chapter III: Bad Alchemy

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02.14: Ransom orders the captured technicians secured as the Wyld Hunt penetrates deeper into Heaven’s Gate. A pair of technicians stumble upon the dog soldier and Lynch, but are quietly dispatched. Qway locates a utility tunnel around a busy concourse and the Wyld Hunt reaches a catwalk above a maglev platform. Seemingly unseen, they get on top of the maglev as Ransom and the Grimfangs follow. As the maglev departs, the trap is sprung and chem-jacks storm the top of the maglev. A bloody shootout erupts as the maglev picks up speed. In a hail of 9mm bullets, Etox loses his footing and tumbles off the maglev burning out his rocket belt in the effort to reach the maglev before it speeds away. Most of the chem-jacks are gunned down, but three assault sleds close in rapidly with a massive attack barge not far behind. The Grimfangs riddle one of them with pulse laser fire and it plummets to its doom. A daemon and half a dozen brutes land on the maglev. The brutes fall upon the already beleaguered Grimfangs with chain axes and end them. After the dog soldier badly wounds the remaining daemon on a sled, Ransom surges towards it with his rocket belt. The dog soldier finishes the daemon with a second shot from his rocket pistol as Ransom secures the sled. As the barge draws near, a heavily armored Kaulder Djinn reveals himself streaking towards the maglev with a rocket pack flanked by a pair of arbiters. With his prince approaching, Manfred Kilgore’s treachery is revealed as he leaps off the maglev and jets towards the barge. The shredder bomb he leaves behind lays low his brothers in the Wyld Hunt. In control of the sled, Ransom hails assault cannon fire at Djinn riddling the heavily armored prince, but he keeps flying and rockets out of sight below the maglev.

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