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v2.4 pg 148 -- Freighter

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Light Freighter: "Crew: 5; Passengers: 12;"

Freighter: "Crew: 2; Passengers: 6;"

Heavy Freighter: "Crew: 4; Passengers: 12;"


These numbers seem off. Should it be ... ?

Light Freighter: Crew: 2; Passengers: 6;

Freighter: Crew: 4; Passengers: 12;

Heavy Freighter: Crew: 5; Passengers: 12;


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@greymorn, appreciate the feedback. Those numbers were intentional based on the nature of the vessels. It was not intended to be a progression. The three vessels aren't the same and just bigger. The light freighter is multi-functional with more human capacity; the freighter is a pure middle of the space lane hauler of cargo thus the reduced crew and a passengers; and the heavy freighter is mostly cargo, largely automated, but is still so big it can take bunch of passengers if it comes to it. There is almost always a method to the madness... Almost.

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