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[Sticky] Chronicle of the Iron Lands

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The Iron Lands is a fantasy setting run using the Adventure System. In all my personal games, for as long as I can remember, I have kept a chronicle of the game action and events. I choose to believe this is helpful to the players; I know it is for me.  The Adventure System has three different settings that have been developed and my personal group rotates between the three of them. Untimely that is why I created the Adventure System so we would have one set of rules used across all three. Each setting has it's own gazetteer that provides the details for that campaign world, but they all use the Adventure System. 

The chronicle allows us to run 10 to 20 sessions in one setting and then move to another continuing the campaigns history without forgetting everything that happened. It is also helpful from session to session as my group runs every other week.  I always recommend that the players read the notes from the last session before we start the new one. A broader reading is helpful when we switch back to a setting that hasn't seen action for a year.

Do you do this in your campaigns, I'd be interested to know?

In the event it entertains you, I have attached the Chronicle of the Iron Lands updated through last night's session. Fair warning, since this is an internal tool, I don't spend much time on the layout and barely proofread it...


Scribe of the Adventure System

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I'm a big fan of the Chronicle.  It's a great help for players to keep track of the plot and, at only a couple of paragraphs per session, it doesn't put an undue burden on the game-master to maintain.  It's also fun to revisit the Chronicles from past games and relive former glory!