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Book I: Escape from Nox - Chapter 12: Blood Trail

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Day 57: Awakened near dawn by a telegram from Hex, Never, Whitechapel, and Nai depart aboard Mule IX bound for the Hollows. The hauler drops them a few miles outside of the town and they make the rest of the journey on horseback across the Sea of Silt. After stabling their horses, they are confronted by the Yellow Boys in the street. Whitechapel guns down Gnash Broketooth in a duel. In a wild shootout, they kill most of the gang with only a few survivors fleeing. Whitechapel climbs to the rooftop and overpowers one of the gnolls feeding. The vampire finds a telegram on Broketooth leading him to believe the gang was warned of their arrival by someone in Fortune’s Bluff. Not long after, they reach the municipal quarter where Whitechapel goes to the telegraph office while Never and Nai confront the Mayor, Susan Shelby, and the goblin steward, Drez Bok. Whitechapel muscles the telegraph operator and learns the message was intended for his sire, Mikel Nicklaus, and delivered to the mayor’s office. Feeling stonewalled, Never learns nothing from the visit and departs into the Arbor Canyon to hunt for spirit crystals using the geo scanner.

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