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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 6: Ghostfang Brotherhood

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Day 99: Never, Nai, and Whitechapel, having decided to report their findings to Lord Voulpe, make for Gloomhaven arriving late in the afternoon. As they make their report to Lord Voulpe, a creeping mist comes under the doors of the hall heralding the arrival of the countess, Harkness von Bram.
Day 101: After a day of rest, the countess leads Never, Nai, and Whitechapel from Gloomhaven mounted on moon drakes. They make camp in Pact Lands in the shadow of the Howling Plateau.
Day 102: When the moon is full, the countess, a death dealer, leads the attack on the ritual at the Moon Well. Whitechapel throws himself into the fray engaging Moon Stalker and his wolves. Near torn to shreds for his efforts, the vampire finally kills the shaman. Never acquits himself well, the Razer taking its toll.
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