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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 5: Hunter or Prey

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Day 98: Near midnight, Never, Nai, and Whitechapel emerge from the sewers. Never locates and sets to repairing the town’s forge while Nai and Whitechapel search for silver. Finding none, Never uses marks to coat the bullets in the Razer with silver. When they return to the night racers, Whitechapel discovers a message, presumably from Moon Snake, on the strange wax tablet she gave them. Nox is dead, all souls lost. The terrible weight of it settles over Byron Never, he cannot shake the haunting realization that the power transference problem he solved for Faust was responsible. After they rest, Whitechapel begins searching for tracks and he eventually finds the trail of the surviving wererats who struck out across the river to the south.

Day 99: Many hours later, Never, Nai, and Whitechapel come upon the rat’s camp and kill three of them. Whitechapel takes the only survivor captive. Crushed by the vampire’s will, the wererat reveals that the Ghostfang Brotherhood is behind the attack. Their shaman, Jraal Moon Stalker, intends to use the captives in a ritual at the Moon Well empowering his pack with the means to kill vampires.

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