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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 4: Gloomy State of Affairs

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Day 96: A close affair, the navigator saves the Siren managing a controlled crash into a bay in the Twilight Sea. Never swiftly assesses the damage to the sails deeming them irreparable. Using the glass, the technomancer spots a small moorage not far off at the mouth of the river feeding the bay. Weaving his magic, the navigator conjures ghostly sails and makes way to the Moorage. There Never and Whitechapel encounter a trader hiding in the shack near the pier. He warns them that the dockhands of Moorage were all missing with no sign of their fate when he arrived the day before. He then suggests they travel to Gloomhaven and report the mystery to the lord there ensuring them that he will be grateful and could assist them in getting new sails for the Siren. Taking flight, the Siren sets down in the river near the gloomy town under an hour later. At the gate, Never, Nai, and Whitechapel are immediately gathered up by the blood guard and taken before Lord Stefan Voulpe. Amused, the vampire-lord reveals the trader’s treachery having sent them to face the Prince’s Law forbidding all use of magic and guns by the common folk. Instead of facing death for treason, a bargain is struck. In return for new sails for the Siren, they are charged with investigating reports of trouble in the town of Svarku which lies on the border of the Pact Lands.
Day 97: Supplied with night racers from the lord’s stables, Never, Nai, and Whitechapel take to the road and make swiftly for Svarku. After a long ride, they reach the town finding the gates sealed, but it is clear from the haze of smoke that a terrible fate has befallen the place. As Whitechapel scales the palisade helping Nai up and over, the technomancer turns the gate to ash with his Razer and rides in. At first they find only ruin and charred bodies, but then Never detects a sewer entrance. Descending into the warren of sewers below Svarku, they are beset by wererats.
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