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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 3: Resurrection Manticore

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Day 81: Having salvaged an ancient galleon from the graveyard of ships, Never runs a crew of goblins with Nai’s assistance making it whole and ready. With all other systems in place, under Syrr Sai’s supervision a mule delivers the Warding Chamber and Spirit Engine of the Manticore.

Day 88: Whitechapel first feeds on and then seduces a Saldaenian woman, Katrina Vargas, at the Sepulcher convincing her to become his blood concubine. He murders her abuser to gain her loyalty

Waxing Festival: As the Siren is born, the Raven Clan attacks the shipyard and is driven off by Whitechapel, Never, and the hobgoblin guards. Nai returns to the Warding Chamber for the first time since the loss of the WHS Manticore. With the ship secure, the Siren takes flight for the first time with the Navigator at the helm. At Never’s suggestion, the ship approaches the citadel but is driven off by a red dragon that comes from nowhere.

Day 94: Fully armed and supplied, as their first service, the Siren sets sail to find a route out of the Maelstrom; all the other ships sent have failed to return.

Day 96: Plotting a brilliant course, Never brings the Siren close to the border of the Maelstrom but they encounter a fragment of the rift that seems to pursue with malicious intent. Assaulted with raging elemental energy, the Siren is torn from the aether and briefly traverses the Realm of Death before emerging in close orbit around a strange, dark worlde. With the sails in tatters, the Navigator struggles to control the ship’s meteoric descent.

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