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Book II: Into the Pale - Chapter 2: A Long Time Coming

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Day 59: After taking a smoke, Never ascend the manor’s tower trailed by Nai and Whitechapel. At the top, he encounters a wraith haunting the observatory. Close behind, Nai – the Eye of Bael now attached to his rifle – drills a round through its chest driving it back to be finished off by Whitechapel. From the observatory, Nai gazes out into the swirling eddies of the aether convinced that the rift has brought Pax’Rora to the Maelstrom. They descend only to be swarmed by the remaining gangrels. Whitechapel charges into them blazing death with his dragoon. Never and Nai fire from the hall doorway. After most of the gangrels are gunned down, the rest flee driven out through the basement by Whitechapel. While securing the rest of the manor, Whitechapel comes upon Tik creeping about. The goblin driver leads them to where Camilla Bellamy waits under a twisted tree. Grateful to have escaped Nox, she quickly agrees to steward the manor. At Never’s insistence, they all pile into the car and Tik takes them to the Glim where Spider introduces them to the talismonger, Mharro Zhi.

Day 65: Tik arrives with a summons and brings Never, Nai, and Whitechapel to a graveyard of ships deep in a cavern under the citadel. There they strike a bargain with Syrr Sai. If the technomancer creates a functional ship from the salvage, the Spirit Engine of the Manticore will be given them to make it whole. After using it to perform services three, it will be theirs…

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